Did you know that Pallets are currency? Before you get too excited also remember that most branded or labelled pallets remain the property of their Owner. Stealing them is an offence and you could be charged with theft if the pallet owner pursues you. 

Just quietly, this is not that unusual.

Most pallets that are branded such Austral Masonry, Bowral Bricks, Adbri Masonry, National Masonry, etc. are returnable. That’s right, the manufacturer (usually the pallet Owner) wants them back. Not getting their pallets returned is a massive input cost. And at the end of the day someone has to pay for them. 

Pallet Owners of returnable pallets pay for professional pallet Collectors to collect and return them for re-use. Likewise for most people and most building sites, empty pallets are a pain in the you-know-what. So book your pallet collection via Pallet Tracker.

Go on, I dare you; join the Pallet Revolution! 

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