Pallet Tracker now has a public facing Progressive Web Application (PWA). This application is specifically designed to be used by regular pallet users. The PWA is the next step in Pallet Trackers evolution. 

Our PWA allows pallet users and site controllers to book pallet collections. It’s a simple, fast process that communicates directly to the relevant pallet Collector. 

This seamless process is the most efficient way to book a pallet collection. Once you have entered the required details into the Pallet Tracker PWA, the Collector will be notified within SECONDS. 

Did you know that the amount time a pallet sits empty on site is called “dwell time”. Did you also know the longer the longer the dwell time the less likely the pallet(s) will be returned. Usually this is due to theft. 

For regular pallet users, scan the code below to access our PWA. Once you have accessed it, save it your home screen.  The PWA will behave the same as an App. You wont have to log in to book a pallet collection.