Collectors Portal

Collectors travel site-to-site, collecting and delivering assets to their proper facilities

Asset Deliveries

Asset Collectors can view the asset’s lifecycle and relevant dates via a list of deliveries, giving flexibility to the Collector to access all jobs irrespective of job status.

Asset Movements

A Collector can view the volume and location of assets in relation to delivery location, collection requests, urgent requests and static sites from their dashboard. They can prioritise their workflow to meet demand.


Collectors can configure and visualise the status, volume and location of all available jobs; from here, they have the ability to efficiently plan their workflow.

Collection Requests

Seeing all available collection requests in an organised, filterable section creates a streamlined workflow. Organise the next collections while being able to see the more urgent requests and nearby addresses.


For a well-structured workflow, Pallet Tracker’s scheduling functionality allows the Collector to plan and map the route and order between jobs.


Individual profiles allow for secure assignment of work and reporting applicable to each Collector.

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