About Us

What we do for you and why; Here you can read about our ideologies and the key features that make your life easier.

Designed for you, the user

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

What you need, when you need it

Pallet Tracker provides a detailed, organised and filterable history of orders, including their locations, essential dates, asset volumes, and more. View the status of a collection request and update critical site details, including site contact name and numbers, all in real-time.

Automated Customer Communication

Helping people with no extra hassle

Increase customer service core responsibilities and efficiency through engaging Pallet Tracker’s intelligent and automated customer communications. Pallet Trackers automated communication with site contacts enables verification of an assets “readiness” for collection, once verified the relevant Collector is notified automatically in real time. This functionality minimises the workload for customer service and improves the efficiency of the Collector.

Delivery and Collection APIs

Integrate with your website, and more

Connecting your existing Environment has never been easier, our team will provide access to APIs and walk you through connecting your app, website, portal, or more.

Continuous Integration and Development

Actively being improved to help you further

Pallet Tracker is continuously evolving, and we continue to develop and customise to your needs.
We have partnered with some of Australias largest manufacturing organisations to streamline their asset reclamation process via API integration and tailored development.

Collector and Customer Service Applications

To interact in the ways people know best

Real-time communication between all parties including the Collector, site contact and asset Owner is now possible, Collectors can access their work via the Collect app using a smart device, customer service agents are able to view and modify collection information and collection status in real-time. Know where your assets are at any point in time.

Managerial portals

The important stuff, made available to you

We allow filtering of important information making it accessible to those who need it. From regional and national managers o local co-ordinators, our information can be filtered by who needs what.

Modular and Configurable

Who doesn’t want their own unique experience?

Without Progressive Web App we can easily integrate and extend any kind of information passed through it. Combine this with Pallet Trackers own Collect app available on both iOS and Andriod, and the browser-based asset Owner portal, the information and communication loop between all parties is complete.