The future has arrived.
Pallet Tracker (PT) now has a Collector App.
It’s available on IOS and Android.


We have been working toward this for the past 3 years and finally it has arrived. The Pallet Tracker App is designed for pallet Collectors and pallet Owners to communicate seamlessly and in real time. But this is only the beginning.  

We at Pallet Tracker have been around for a number of years, learning and developing our solutions to the issues within the pallet reclamation space. The Pallet Tracker App is the evolution of our commitment.  

We believe the Pallet Tracker App demonstrates our commitment to solving the pallet reclamation problems that exists for every pallet owner in every state. The Pallet Tracker App allows each collector to view and edit their daily work and log their collections. The system is live, accurate & secure.  

The App currently allows each collector to see their entire workload for their relevant zone, it communicates each jobs readiness for collection. No more cumbersome excel spread sheets, no more delay in receiving information.  

Pallet Owners can log a collection request now and it will appear on the relevant Collectors interface within SECONDS. Alternatively, Owners can utilise our in built automated communications to generate a pallet collection request.  

As a Collector, simply open the App (credentials required) and then see where your work is and the status of each job. Configure what work you want to see (and collect), log collections, view and edit site contact details, update information and drop off pallets back to the relevant drop off point.  

All of this is communicated in real time. Pallet Tracker is paperless, efficient, timely and easy to use.
There’s more to Pallet Trackers story but I’ll leave that for another day.  

Want more information?
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